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Appreciating Through Chips and Medals in Alcoholic Anonymous Groups

Alcoholic Anonymous clubs are defined as a fellowship of men and women who gather together to share their experiences, hope and problems towards overcoming alcoholism. These gatherings have no affiliations with any religion, denomination, political party or institution. It is a known fact that the journey towards overcoming alcoholism is not a one-day event, and members of an AA club celebrate the milestones made by each individual by giving them chips.

The chip reward system is an old practice that goes back to the year 1955. The practice began when during one of those early meetings alcoholic recovery addicts were given plastics that resembled chips. It is a recognizable fact that over time the design has evolved from providing colored poker chips to developing coins specifically for members of Alcoholic Anonymous clubs.

The aim behind the giving of the coins is to remind the member that the journey they are taking against alcoholism is a commitment to themselves and not to the group. It is a known fact that the chips serve as an inspiration to remind a member how long they have been sober and how far they have come in the recovery process. Having a chip is not a guarantee to quitting alcohol addiction, but studies have shown that there is an association between the presence of a chip and a stronger resolve to quit alcohol.
The Key Elements of Great Coins

The fact is that the chips come in different colors with each color indicating a particular duration of abstinence from alcohol use. The first chip that anyone receives is the white chip which is for someone who has abstained for one day or twenty-four hours and it is also called the desire chip since it is used to help the person pursue their desire to stay sober for 24 hours. Apart from that the white chip is also used to give relapsers hope that they can still get a chance to be free from alcohol addiction by sticking in the programme. It is worth remembering that the other coins are for the following sobriety duration: silver is for 30 days or one month, dark gold chip for two months or 60 days, yellow chip for half a year or six months, green chip for nine months and blue chip for one year of sobriety. It is an interesting fact to note that most chips after one year of sobriety come as bronze chips or novelty chips.
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The interesting fact is that the practice of awarding chips has evolved and some groups have even begun awarding medals to their members. The good thing about medals is that they can be won in public to display the duration that the members have been sober. The medals are customized, and they come engraved with the length of time that one has been sober. The medallions are made of materials such as wood, leather, plastic, common metals or even rare metals.

Whether an AA club decided to use medals or chips or both is not important as the message they convey to their recipients.

What Research About Homes Can Teach You

A Guide In Becoming A Real Estate Investment Expert

When it comes to real estate investments, it is in fact designed for the professional players belonging in this field. And the experts are aware of this. On the other hand, for people who attempted to break into the real estate investing, they know that if they are going to make a good investment, then, they can surely obtain profitable returns sooner or later. As said by the real estate experts, there are a lot of methods one can use in order for them to earn considerable profits in their real estate deals. If you think that the location you are planning to invest is going to be very profitable to you, the profit you will earn from it is going to be substantial.

For lots of neophytes in the real estate industry, they are going to experience the many pitfalls as well as the numerous challenges in the future. Then again, if they are going to take the risk and they are also mentally ready to take on these risks, then, they will surely learn and also earn a lot in the process. Sooner or later however, when they gather certain experience, they can master the real estate investment and will close reasonably numerous profitable real estate deals.

If you would like to be a brilliant player in the world of real estate investment, in that case, there is a need for you to obtain some knowledge and skills in advance. This way, you are increasing your chances to become an achiever in the industry of real estate. There are more than a few skills which you need if you are trying to invest in a good real estate deal, that are required for a lucrative real estate deal.
Lessons Learned from Years with Sales

It is very important for you to become skilled at finding genuine sellers. Of course, it is vital for you to find real sellers as they are regarded to be actual sellers who are capable of helping you generate excellent profits. Aside from that, the trustworthy sellers are what you have to locate most especially if you have not tried investing in real estate in the past.
Homes: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

There is a need for you to learn how to be an accomplished negotiator for the reason that this skills is going to be handy when it comes to securing good real estate investment deals. If you are a novice in this industry, in that case, acquiring more essential skills and knowledge is of great important so that you can easily handle any issues you may encounter in real estate. Bear in mind, all the time and effort that you will spend will all go in vain if you do not know how to negotiate properly.

The Essential Laws of Plumbers Explained

Pointers for Finding a Good Plumber

Whether your project is big or small, selecting the wrong plumber can not only cause issues for you and the family; it can hit you in the wallet as well. So instead of merely picking someone at random, do spend time with a bit of research to make sure the work will go as smoothly as it can.

These are six ways of finding the right plumber:

1. Personal Recommendations
A 10-Point Plan for Plumbing (Without Being Overwhelmed)

The best way to find a good plumber is through a recommendation by someone you trust. Ask them all – friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers – if they know someone who’s done a good job for their plumbing before. If you know an electrician or a home builder, they can probably give you referrals too. Tell the plumber who referred you and you might just get a discount!
A Brief History of Plumbers

2. Tradesman Schemes

Check with tradesmen schemes that are created particularly for tradesmen who have been vetted and have demonstrated their skills. Examples of these schemes are Trustmark and Approved Trader Scheme, both of which are run either according to Trading Standards or by government approved providers. Their websites typically have searchable databases of plumbers where you can just type your postcode and see who are registered in your locality.

3. Review Websites and Social Media

As ever, the web is there to make things easier for you. Small businesses and independent tradesmen often don’t have the money to advertise in traditional media. Instead, they will rely on such websites as Top Tradespeople and CheckATrade, which collect reviews posted by their past clients. Basically, this is an expanded referral search.

Certainly, the social media can help you too. A lot of people today are using the social media to share their experiences with different tradesmen or professionals they have worked with. If the plumber you’re considering has a Twitter or Facebook account, check their feed and pay attention to how they interact with the people.

4. Phone Estimates

Even if it’s not the most important crucial for selecting a plumber, your budget is still important. If possible, get at least three price estimates over the phone from three different plumbers; if a quote is particularly high or low compared to others, ask them why. They may not be able to give you an exact amount until they visit your home, but you can get a pretty clear idea of what to expect, especially in terms of which plumber is the most or the least expensive.

5. Customer References

Don’t be afraid to ask for client references; when they give you some, call them and have a little chat with them. The people who can give you the most accurate picture of what plumbers are like are the people who have actually hired them.

On Repairs: My Experience Explained

Efficient and Affordable Air Conditioner Repair Services

It is the desire of each person to live in a comfortable house. There are many aspects that must come into consideration for a room to be comfortable. Such are the various items installed in the room for the use by residents. It is an installation that is intended specifically for the comfort of the residents. The purpose of the air conditioner is to ensure that room temperatures stay within the comfortable limits. Another way in which the air conditioner maintains the comfort of the room is by driving out excess humidity. It also helps in flushing out microorganisms that might cause diseases. When the equipment is running, insects like the mosquito cannot reside in the room. By maintaining fresh air flow, it keeps the environment healthy.

Even with all these benefits, the air conditioner can fail. In the event, the system fails, the users are not able to access either one of the above benefits or all of them. If the system has developed mechanical failures. It ma that a repair is needed. There are some few problems that can be fixed by the individual. These are the challenges that require simple solutions. The complex nature of the air conditioners means that most of the complications are technical. These problems require solution offered by a specialized technician.

There are various instances when the air conditioner requires a repair. This can be when the whole system fails to run. .The implication o this is that the residents are not protecting from the extreme temperatures of summer.
What Research About Repairs Can Teach You

It is also possible o have the air conditioner functioning inadequately. This means that the family is not living in a fresh environment. The system can also fail to function in some rooms or a specific part of a room. You can trust on a technician to remedy any of the problems. the expert will also advise you on the best replacement should the syt5em be experiencing difficulties due to wear and tear associated with age. They will also handle the installation task.
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High level of expertise is required to deliver a repair that will get the customer experience long-term service from the equipment. The reason being that the individual does not wish to suffer from a frequent breakdown of the system. Such a repair can only be done by a certified and qualified technician. The only place where you are guaranteed of getting such expertise in a highly recognized company. The employees of the company are the best minds in the industry to ensure that the family lives in a fresh, clean and comfortable house.

Since the employees of this company understand that a delay is very costly to the homeowner, they act instantly whenever called upon. It can even result in unexpected further damages to the system. They also appreciate the fact that the family needs to be comfortable every time.

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Interesting Research on Medicines – What No One Ever Told You

How to Find the Best Quality Prescription Medications for Your Pain

All over the country and the world, people use painkillers to help deal with the debilitating pain that they experience on a daily basis. They may have been in a serious accident involving machinery or another car on their commute to work, or they may simply be predisposed to illness because of their genetics. It may be that they have only just begun to feel the pain and are looking for a solution, or they have been dealing with chronic illness for years. Regardless of the reason, one thing remains the same: painkillers can help.

The first stop that should be made by those who are looking for relief is a visit to their general practitioner. It is impossible to overstate the work that they do: they are absolutely the authority on painkillers. Be sure to listen to what they say. Only a qualified doctor will know exactly what type of medicine can best address your concerns, regardless of whether it is a painkiller or not. They will need to know if you are currently taking any other medications, so that they can avoid drug interactions, so be sure to come with this information readily available.

If you do not have access to medical facilities or you do not have insurance that covers the cost of medication, you might consider looking into medical marijuana. There have been countless reports published on the pain relieving effects of medical marijuana; all you need to do to access them is do a quick internet search. If you are suffering from pain and do not have access to prescription medications, this is undoubtedly one of the best options. There is little to no risk involved! You may try it once and decide you do not like the effects, but there will be very few side effects.

Many others who do not want to try the first two options turn to supplements in order to relieve their pain. If you have joint pain, there are supplements for that! If you get head splitting migraines, there are supplements that can help! You do not need to suffer in silence any longer; there are a plethora of painkillers and alternatives out there for you.
Getting To The Point – Medications

Before you make your choice, it is absolutely imperative that you do your research. Even if you decide to visit a medical professional who has an immense amount of knowledge, you should know basic terms and a little bit about your condition. This way, you will be able to make the absolute best choice for your body and your long term health. If you decide that supplements are the right avenue to pursue, you will want to be absolutely sure you know what side effects are associated with the formula. When it comes to your health, you can never be too careful!A Simple Plan: Sales

News For This Month: Drains

A Guideline On Changing And Maintaining The Good Condition Of Your Kitchen Drain

First thing you have to do is gather the following things: plumber’s wrench, a screwdriver, a bottle brush with a long handle, a pair of rubber gloves and a bucket. Every kitchen drain is designed to have a waste grinder and the first thing you got to do is unplug it from the socket. Some waste grinders are designed in a way that you cannot see a plug under the sink and so you must go to the circuit breaker panel and shut it down there. Always keep in mind that food grinders are very dangerous and therefore you must shut it off before doing any work around the sink.

There is a curve with a cover screw on it located under the sink and you must be able to locate it next. Take the bucket and place it right under he curve and then slowly loosen the screw cover with the wrench. Expect water to fall from the sink once you have successfully removed the entire cover screw. It will take a few minutes til the water stops dripping and then you can remove the bucket.

Take apart the whole draining system under the sink once all the water has been drained out. You will soon discover that the system is made up of several different pieces being help together by large nuts. Some drainage systems are made of plastic and others are made of metal, but both materials would still require you to do careful removal so as not to cause any damages. Even if the kitchen has two sinks, the pipes of both sinks will meet in a tee and will still be connected going through the wall. For you to be able to proceed, you must loosen all the nuts holding up each piece. The wrench is there for when you need it to unscrew the nuts, yet there will be times when you can do the process with your bare hands.
What Do You Know About Equipment

The procedure will go better when you start in the middle pipe that connects the curve to the pipe attached to the wall. It is important for you to remember never to try and pull out the pipe attached to the wall because it is actually cemented there and forcing it out might cause a leak which you will be needing a plumber to fix for you. Let the pipe stay in its place. After removing the middle pipes, the curve would follow next, then the tee, if you have a dual sink system, and lastly you get to remove the pipes at the bottom of the sink. There are plastic rings found inside each pipe and if you are not careful with the removal process, you might cause the rings to fall off.The Ultimate Guide to Disposals

The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Technology

WordPress And Its Importance On Your Company’s Website

If you are in a website development company, you will hear most of the time you are going to offer any company’s website that they already have one and that they are not interested in your offers. However, if you are part of a company that is specializing in wordpress design and you are going to explain to them the importance of having a wordpress website, they will quickly have a change of heart and ask you if they need to switch to a better website design This is a familiar scenario for any person involve in wordpress designs to make a website.

Some business owners have probably ruled out wordpress already due to the misconception that it is designed only for blogs and it is something that their company does not need. Ever since wordpress has been introduced as a content management system during the year 2003, it has evolved into the number one content management system online from merely a simple CMS that targets only blogs, and there are a lot of reasons as to why this is so. WordPress server is outstandingly catering about 23% of all internet websites and this is not all, since each and every year wordpress is in service, the number of websites that it powers are rising at a steady pace.

So what really makes wordpress different? What will be the benefits that a website can derive from the content management system provided by wordpress? Since there are countless numbers of reasons as to why you need to convert your business site to woredpress, below are the most popular among these reasons.
The Ultimate Guide to Guides

It is practically free
The 10 Commandments of Services And How Learn More

This fact is very exciting news particularly to business owners every time they hear it. All the word press has a lot of amazing design black pants and a lot of things that will be able to cater any particular case of design a website owner wants it is amazingly a free software service. Because the software service is practically run by a group of consultants that are volunteering in the expansion of the software, the services that it offers are deliberately free. WordPress is practically a type of online community that allow each of their members to contribute in answering issues regarding tech support, write a plugin to contribute, and create a them for designs free of charge. Upon using wordpress, all of the benefits from that online community will practically be at your disposal without having to pay any charges and you can freely access them at any time from virtually anywhere. Aside from that,you will be entitled with receiving a lot of free themes, free downloads and more freebies. And what’s more is that, wordpress is free to install and you can modify it freely as well, which makes it an ideal web developing tool to use.

What No One Knows About Sports

What Golfers Must Know When Purchasing A New Golf Bag

There are a large number of golf bag types in the market and there are various things which people needs to consider when having to purchase a new golf bag which they can make sure to fit their style of golfing. There are now advanced technology which is being developed and a number of golfers would get to use these golf bags to try and adapt to the new levels of golf which is being played nowadays. There are now newer concepts, models and also styles that is being given to the attention of golfers from all over the world, these golf bags would range from beginner golf bags to pro golf bags.

There are various types of styles which people can get to choose from in a golf bag, this would mostly depend on the preferences and how they want to move all over the golf course. The first is the carry golf bag, these are usually designed to be carried by both the golfer and also their caddy because of the reason that they are the lightest kind of golf bag that can be available in the market.

The carry golf bag does not have to stand on legs and is usually great for golfers to carry small golf clubs, golf balls and also other golfing equipment needed to play golf. Golfers would prefer to use the carry golf bag during the summer months when it is hot, this is because it does not give them so much strain in carrying their golf bags.
The Art of Mastering Activities

There is also the stand golf bag, this is the type of bag which is the same as a carry bag but they have stand legs that can be easily built on these bags and they mostly weight more compared to golf carry bags. There is also the staff golf bag, these are the top of the line golf bags and they are large and also has enough space to store different golfing equipment that golfers can use.
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Golfers need to choose a golf bag that is made of good materials, they need to choose a golf bag that can offer large amounts of space where they can store different golfing equipment. There are a number of golf bag brands on the market, they need to find the right ones that can help them in storing and also carrying various golf equipment safely. Golfers can try to use the internet to look for the best golf bags, they can easily read reviews from other golfers that have used the golf bags in the past.

The Key Elements of Great Weddings

Do You Want to Make Plans for Your Wedding?

If you want to marry the person you love, you have to consider a lot of things. You can never push the wedding through if you will not make a perfect plan. There are a lot of things you need and listing them all is part of the plan. There is a need for you to make a very good plan if you want to succeed in your wedding. It is just necessary for you to decide about making a perfect plan for the most important part of your life and that is your wedding day.

There are many things that you need like foods and invitation. It is necessary for you to simply invite all the people you love in your wedding day. You will find it wonderful to simply provide palatable foods on the table because your guests deserve to be given the right accommodation and food provision. It is also essential for you to look forward in getting the right venue. You have the choice to conduct the wedding at the part or inside the church. As a religious person, you have the choice to conduct the marriage ceremony inside the church. However, it is meaningful for you to simply get garden as the venue of the wedding for it really brings you into nature.

Finding a celebrant to spearhead the ceremony is what you also need to do. Getting someone to officiate your vows is really important during the planning stage. You need a wedding motif this time so you really have to plan even on how to beautify the venue. It should match the designs of the venue. It is important for you to ready all the things that you need to do so be sure you will not cram. If you want to do all those things alone, you will surely realize that you are wasting time.

Hiring a wedding band is also one important thing that you can do. If you choose a band to perform for your wedding, it is just right that you decide to get one that know all song genres. It is important for you to be sure that the guests are all entertained so well. If you also like to hire people to conduct photo shoots, you also find the best wedding photographer in town. Those people are trained enough and they definitely know what to do in the actual site. It is right for you to pick the one that will make you happy so choose the right wedding photography team to serve you from the start until the end of the occasion.

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What Do You Know About Systems

Saving Your Business Money

Define a successful business. Of course you think sales and profit, but there are other important factors. A truly successful business is one that has staying power, not one that just has high periods of sales and profits only to go out of business. For a business to have staying power and longevity, they need a plan. A lot of business owners hope they can simple keep doing what they are doing and that will keep them around, but this likely will not work. The business world is evolving almost constantly, which means you need to be willing to adapt or die. This is why you need a plan for your business’s financial future. When it comes to your financial future and your business’s future, you should be thinking about renewable and solar energy. Installing commercial solar panels give you an instant advantage over your competition both now and in the future. There are a lot of benefits that some with commercial solar panels. If you really want your business to last and to be prepared for the future, you need to start thinking about commercial solar panel installation.

Some more foolish business owners think that solar panels are too expensive to install. This is not how a savvy business owner views this type of investment though. Commercial solar panels can eventually pay for themselves. This means once the solar panels pay for themselves, you will have essentially free solar panels and get free power from them for the remainder of their lives. This is why commercial solar panels are a great investment and sound fiscal decision.

Another great benefit to commercial solar panels is the incentives. There are tax incentives such as commercial solar tax incentives that end up saving a good amount of money. Commercial solar incentives can be put toward the installation, which speeds up the amount of time it takes for the panels to pay for themselves. These tax incentives often stay for a long time and are just another example of a way you keep benefiting by having commercial solar panels.
What Almost No One Knows About Resources

You should not let installation costs keep you from getting solar panels. A great thing about solar panels is that you end up getting a lot more in return than you spend getting them installed. Similar to any sound investment, you need to put forward some money in order to gain a lot more back later. Do not make the mistake of being hesitant or back out of commercial solar panel installation purely due to the cost of installation.
Technology – My Most Valuable Tips

Solar energy can truly change your business. Solar panels prepare your business for the future as well as giving you some immediate benefits. The benefits that solar panels provide make them essential for any business looking to get an advantage and stay competitive in the future. The sooner you get commercial solar panels, your business will be more streamlined and prepared than your competition. For anyone that wants their business to be successful now and in the future, they need to look into commercial solar installation companies.